I have an issue with inactivity. I would rather curl up in bed and read than do just about anything. Part of this is just a habit of laziness. I let things sit undid and let life pass unlived.

I’m trying to change that, making myself notice when I haven’t done anything. To remedy it I’ve started to ride my bike to work (though I can’t yet ride the full way). I’ve started doing a few rounds of DDR when I’m bored. I’m trying to prepare actual meals instead of just grazing on dry cereal.

But then again I’ve been here before. I’m not discouraged though. The past is the past, it’s the future I’m looking to.

At almost 30 years old I’ve decided that it’s time to start getting on with my life. I’m enrolling in college this summer. I’m making plans for the future that don’t involve shrugging my shoulders and making vague guesses about what I’ll be doing a few years from now.

They say the 30s are the new 20s and I’m planning on actually living.