The past couple of weeks have been weeks of reconnection for me. Not only have I reconnected with my family but I’ve also been getting in touch with friends that I haven’t spoken to for years. It’s been a time of rediscovery and discovery, of quiet contemplation, needed conversation and thoughtful silence. It’s been a time of loss and stress and recovery.

I’m OK and with the help of my friends and my family I will continue to be OK and maybe even manage to get myself up out of the slump I’ve been in for a few years now.

I’ve been living my life on autopilot for a while now and while it’s been an interesting ride it’s not a sustainable style of life. I’m tired. I need to make decisions. I need to ask myself difficult questions and face difficult answers and see where that takes me.

So this year’s new year resolution (which I’m getting a jump start on) is to get to know myself because frankly it’s time that I stopped living with a stranger.


Today I am thankful for my friends and family, whom I know that I can turn to in my times of need. I am thankful for vegetarian foods and cruelty free products and family members and friends who put up with my lifestyle quirks. I am thankful for my health and despite a lack of progress I’m thankful for the support of all the people following this blog.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

922349_40799541A few years ago I decided to be a Christmas Card Sender. To that end I bought a couple boxes of Christmas cards. Of those boxes I haven’t sent a single Christmas card, not one. In fact I completely forgot that I had them and didn’t realize that I did until I unpacked after getting back to Kansas (where the cards were purchased). Whoops!

So this year I am going to send them all. I have an abundance of cards. I have an abundance of family members but not as many family members as cards which is why I’m turning to the Internet for help.

Would you like a Christmas card from a person from the Internet that you’ve never met? I bet you do!

Email your address and as much of your name as you’re comfortable sharing to and you’ll get a spot on my card list. I promise that I won’t expect a card in return. I also promise not to sell or use your identity for anything nefarious (unless you think Christmas cards are nefarious).



Watching shows like this make me feel sick and sad and weepy. It’s not because I’m disgusted by the obese. It’s not because they make me sick. It’s that I realize just how close I was to that myself, how easily I could have slipped from 300 to 400. And even now, 50 pounds gone (well, 43)… I don’t see it. I never seem to look different.

Do they ever get better? Will I?


Recipe Makings

rec⋅i⋅pe [resuh-pee]
1. a set of instructions for making or preparing something, esp. a food dish: a recipe for a cake.
2. a medical prescription.
3. a method to attain a desired end: a recipe for success.

Whether you are baking a cake or moving to a new state or studying for a test there is a set of steps to be followed, elements (or ingredients) that are needed. As much as we’d like, cakes aren’t baked on wishes and laundry doesn’t fold itself. While there is no set way to do EVERYTHING ever (maybe there is some one out there who really does put their pants on both legs at a time) there is a general consensus on how things are done.

Through the process of trial and error we all find the best ways for us to do things. As mentioned in my previous post I know what works for me, I know what I have to do to get results, but what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. What works for some one else may also work for me. This is a process that we’re going through, there is always room for revision and tinkering.

My recipe is a mixture of dedication, daily working out, food logging, regular blogging, and community support. Without dedication I wouldn’t bother moving forward. Without working out daily I fall out of the habit quickly. Without food logging it’s amazingly easy for me to over eat. Without regular blogging I fail to think about what it is that I’m doing. Without support when things get rough I would have no idea what I was doing, no one to cheer me on when I slip, no one to remind me of my goals. But most importantly, the one thing the entire recipe depends on is a personal desire for health. Without that, if I were doing this for any other reason, I would be setting myself up for a failure that would damage not only my psyche but also my already quite ravaged body.

So there’s my recipe. What’s yours?

If You Bite It!

If You Bite It!

The best way to lose weight, to get fit, to get healthy, is to write down everything that you put into your mouth. We have no inherent way of knowing what our caloric intake is, what our nutrient break down is, if we’ve met RDA recommendations, without having everything that we’ve ingested recorded in some way or another.

If you bite it, write it” is the mantra of the Weight Watchers community and it’s a good mantra to have (certainly a MILLION times better than some of the other mantras women use to help them find healthy). There are websites, programs for your personal computer or smart phone, widgets, notebooks, notepads, journals, communities, all of it created for the sole purpose of accountability. (more…)

Now available in Europe.

Now available in Europe.

Today people all over Europe can celebrate! Funny looking produce will now be available for sale after the repeal of a law that had controlled the appearance of fruits and vegetables. What does that mean? Well… See attached picture.

Honestly it’s a bit ridiculous that there was ever a law in regards to the appearance of fruits and vegetables but it brought to mind the produce that’s available in my store.

Have I ever come across a vulgar looking beet? A perverse carrot? A rude looking root? I have not!

It makes me wonder why that is. Are our fruits censored? What happens to unfortunately formed fruits? Where are my rude carrots?