Diet Disaster

Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on?” Peter McWilliams

I bought a scale last week.

I had thought that so long as I was maintaining my weight that I was fine. I told myself that I would get back to getting healthy again once I was settled and could deal with rebuilding a routine. But I told myself that so long as I was maintaining my weight previous weight loss I would be fine.

And then I bought a scale and found out that I’m not fine.

Of the 50 pounds that I lost years ago I’ve regained 25 in the very recent past and likely thensome as I’d lost some addition weight a few months back. How much I couldn’t tell you since at the time I didn’t have a scale. But now I have one and I know exactly where I am and it’s depressing.

I’d allowed myself to lapse, to let good habits fade out and let bad habits bloom. I let myself get lazy with my eating and with exercise and I expeced, somehow, that it would be OK because magically the weight wouldn’t come back. Obviously this is ridiculous fairy land logic but that’s what I’d convinced myself.

And then last week I bought a scale.

Not having one was a mistake. I’m glad that I’ve rectified that one mistake. Now to get cracking on the rest, like paying attention to this blog.



Watching shows like this make me feel sick and sad and weepy. It’s not because I’m disgusted by the obese. It’s not because they make me sick. It’s that I realize just how close I was to that myself, how easily I could have slipped from 300 to 400. And even now, 50 pounds gone (well, 43)… I don’t see it. I never seem to look different.

Do they ever get better? Will I?

If You Bite It!

If You Bite It!

The best way to lose weight, to get fit, to get healthy, is to write down everything that you put into your mouth. We have no inherent way of knowing what our caloric intake is, what our nutrient break down is, if we’ve met RDA recommendations, without having everything that we’ve ingested recorded in some way or another.

If you bite it, write it” is the mantra of the Weight Watchers community and it’s a good mantra to have (certainly a MILLION times better than some of the other mantras women use to help them find healthy). There are websites, programs for your personal computer or smart phone, widgets, notebooks, notepads, journals, communities, all of it created for the sole purpose of accountability. (more…)