922349_40799541A few years ago I decided to be a Christmas Card Sender. To that end I bought a couple boxes of Christmas cards. Of those boxes I haven’t sent a single Christmas card, not one. In fact I completely forgot that I had them and didn’t realize that I did until I unpacked after getting back to Kansas (where the cards were purchased). Whoops!

So this year I am going to send them all. I have an abundance of cards. I have an abundance of family members but not as many family members as cards which is why I’m turning to the Internet for help.

Would you like a Christmas card from a person from the Internet that you’ve never met? I bet you do!

Email your address and as much of your name as you’re comfortable sharing to granola.chic@gmail.com and you’ll get a spot on my card list. I promise that I won’t expect a card in return. I also promise not to sell or use your identity for anything nefarious (unless you think Christmas cards are nefarious).