If You Bite It!

If You Bite It!

The best way to lose weight, to get fit, to get healthy, is to write down everything that you put into your mouth. We have no inherent way of knowing what our caloric intake is, what our nutrient break down is, if we’ve met RDA recommendations, without having everything that we’ve ingested recorded in some way or another.

If you bite it, write it” is the mantra of the Weight Watchers community and it’s a good mantra to have (certainly a MILLION times better than some of the other mantras women use to help them find healthy). There are websites, programs for your personal computer or smart phone, widgets, notebooks, notepads, journals, communities, all of it created for the sole purpose of accountability.

I’ve tried a number of different methods to keep track of myself. I’ve done the journals, programs, spreadsheets, communities, and the paid plans all of it in an attempt to find the method that works best for me. This is something that I’ve been considering a lot recently. I had planned, back in the day, to be fit and healthy by the time of my 30th birthday. Then I moved, then I moved, then I moved, then I found another excuse, and another excuse, and another excuse.

So I find myself today at the age of 29 weighing what I weighed when I allowed myself to get distracted and still ~100 pounds to my goal.

What worked? What was I doing that was so successful before? The answer is simple. I worked at it. I was actively doing things to make this easier. I wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t inspired. I wasn’t even especially happy to be doing it, but the doing provided results. Just as it takes a certain level of dedication to record every piece of food that you put into your mouth, it takes the same to get to the gym every day, to drink the right amount of water, to take your vitamins, to think and write about health on a regular basis for a blog. This boils down to dedication, not inspiration, not motivation.

It’s unrealistic and unhealthy at this point to think by my 30th birthday I’ll be at my goal weight. I will be healthier.