Life has happened again and the forces that be have forced me away from the golden state and back to the plains and farmlands of the sunflower state (Kansas). One would imagine that living in the middle of farm lands would means that one would have access to the best of produce and fresh foods but this is not the case. Instead it’s easy to see why America’s waistbands are growing when you look at what the breadbasket has to offer in ways of local cuisine.

But… but…

I found a box of veggie burgers at the local grocery store as well as a bag of spring mix lettuces so times, they are a changing and I suppose that it’s time for me to change along with them. Kansas has, for many years, been a source of strain in my life. The black hole I’ve called it as I keep getting sucked back here after I’ve been off adventuring. Maybe it’s time to change my perspective?

I’m not saying that I’m going to stay here for the long haul, that I’m ready to settle down here, but maybe my mother is right. There’s something I need to learn and here may be where I need to learn it. At very least this is one step in the middle of the march of my life.

And it’s quiet here and for the first time in what seems like a long time I can hear myself think.