I’ve been thinking a lot about people and relationships lately.

Today on my visit to craigslist.org I poked around the Strictly Platonic section of the personals section and it was likely one of the most depressing things I’ve read in a very long time, but at the same time it was heartening. I’m not the only one out there who is lonely. I’m not the only one out there wishing for that friend to have coffee with. I’m not the only woman out there looking for the rest of her “Sex in the City”esque cabal.

Is this how we meet people now? Is this how it’s done? I’ve never been very good at the process of making friends or meeting people. In the absence of co-workers (mine are all much younger than I am) or fellow students (not in school) I don’t really know where or how to meet people or how to make friends out of the people that I do meet.

A few years ago my aunt brought me to meet her now exboyfriend’s family. The husband of the exbf’s sister was one of those people and by those people I mean that he was the guy who would go to a park for a walk and then come home 2 hours later with an invitation to a barbecue from this guy he met at the park. I was fascinated by him. How does he do it? I asked him what the secret was and he told me that he just talks to people. I can’t wrap my head around that… talk to some one that I don’t know? What the hell would we talk about?

But I guess these are questions that a lot of people are asking, are trying to figure out. How do I make friends? Where do I go to meet people that will let me care for them, that will care for me…

I suppose if we all just spoke to each other then we’d all meet and we wouldn’t need to post personal ads looking for some one to go have coffee with, because we would be able to have coffee with the person sitting at the coffee shop.