I am not a list maker. I envy the ability that the list maker has of showcasing their accomplishments by flipping through pages of crossed out words on small pocket notebooks. It doesn’t seem to matter what the list is comprised of, groceries to buy, things to do, books to read, they get things done and have the proof of it.

I am not a list maker. But I would like to be.

A very long time ago I made a list of 101 things to do within 1001 days. I think I’ve managed three? I’ve long since lost not only the list but also the desire to accomplish anything on the list. Even just thinking about the list makes me feel trapped, there was too much. Never mind that I had over three years to complete it, there was just too much.

So this time I will start small.

  1. Reformat blog and write first entry.

I’m feeling accomplished already.